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47° 20' N, 13° 20' E

Austria is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, cleanliness and spectacular landscapes! This European country is undoubtedly interesting for its unique castles which have magnificent mountains as a backdrop. The cities are drawn by colorful buildings as in the capital, Vienna. The locals are reserved but very kind. If you're not used to traveling solo, you'll be happy to know that this is a safe place to start your European adventure.

<<The Alps transport us to a whole new dimension, the one where we constantly have the impression of being miniature in an immense world >>. 

This page dedicated to Austria is evolving, that is to say that there are possibilities that I add information to it over time. I therefore advise you to come and take a look at it.

Several hikes are possible in the Zillertal Alps, there is no shortage of choices. The Zillertal Alps are a massif in the central eastern Alps. As far as I am concerned, I opted to go to Olpererhütte (the Olperer mountain hut which is located at 2,388 meters above sea level) whose departure begins at the reservoir Schlegeisspeicher. It is possible to survey the hiking trails from the end of May until mid-October. There are three hiking trails that can take you to the top. Trail 502 takes about an hour and a half to climb while the other two trails (trail 532 and that of Neumarkter Runde) take 4.5 hours of ascent. It's up to you to assess your physical abilities and your energy. If you dream of taking this famous photograph of the bridge at the very top of the mountain, I encourage you to do so since the view is breathtaking! Once the refuge is reached, it is possible to admire the panorama with a good coffee, a drink or a meal since this large cabin has a restaurant. I'm not kidding. What a dream! The water is drinkable on consumption and it is possible to pay cash or by card. 


This place is preferred by outdoor enthusiasts and by many families. The Lake Plansee is located near the regions of Breitenwang and Heiterwang. Anyone who wants to go there will have a little piece of happiness since the surface of the lake is 280 hectares and it has different pitches for camping. Nestled in the heart of the Lechtal Alps, the mountains of Wetterstein and the chain of Mieming, this lake is also an excellent starting point for mountain excursions. If the goal is to stay put to enjoy the view of Lake Plansee, anything is possible: jogging, hiking, biking, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, running, boating and fishing. As far as scuba diving is concerned, the water quality is level 1, that is to say that divers can observe underwater life up to about 15 meters. The lake is 78 meters deep and is located 976 meters above sea level. The place is a small haven of peace and it is good to rest there for a few days if you are in the area. west of the country.  


Living the vanlife on Austrian lands

It is well known, Austria is admired for its mountainous landscapes and its winding roads on which it is good to move to contemplate the different panoramas. If you plan to rent a car, I advise you to opt for a camping car since it will be more economical than spending on overnight stays in various accommodations. We must not forget that the cost of living is very expensive in Europe. A little trick? Try renting your camping car in Germany, not far from the Austrian border. The final price of the rental will be much more economical (opt for refueling in Germany when returning as well). If you're exploring the country in the summer, you can hire a simple van and outfit it with your outdoor gear. If you already have your items (bowl, food, water, stove, etc.), then it becomes very simple not to make a big hole in your wallet at the level of your budget. As far as I'm concerned, that's exactly what I did, in addition to separating the cost of rental and gas with a friend I met during my trip to Europe.


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