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56° 7' 49" N, 106° 20' 48" W

Canada is where I was born. It's a huge playground, wide open spaces, friendly people, wildlife in the wild on a land that is still young. If you plan to travel to Canada, I strongly advise you to identify the provinces you want to explore because if you have little time, it will be impossible for you to see everything. Whether at the far end of Western Canada, in the prairies or in the Maritimes to the east, Canada will amaze you. 

<<This country attracts the eyes of the world because of its natural beauty, its security as well as for its people. I particularly like western Canada, which is, in my opinion, a must to see >>.

This page dedicated to Canada is evolving, that is to say that there are possibilities that I add information to it over time. I therefore advise you to come and take a look at it.

Province of Western Canada, Alberta really has it all: vast prairies, desert plains, mountains reaching 2500 meters (Canadian Rockies), expanses of dense coniferous forests, glaciers and ice fields, 600 lakes on average in addition to all the animals wildlife that reign there (black bears, grizzly bears, coyotes, elk, mountain goats, caribou, moose, lynx, cougars, wolves, etc.). Although this huge playground is 661,848 km2 in area, it is a natural environment that is very popular with tourists all year round. I strongly advise you to drive on one of the most beautiful roads in the world: Icefield Parkway. In terms of landscapes, it's definitely a favorite as far as I'm concerned. We must not forget the national parks which are grandiose: Banff National Park (listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site) as well as Jasper National Park. You will see several lakes whose reputation has been consolidated for several years: Moraine Lake, Lake Louise,  Minnewanka Lake, Two Jack Lake, Valley of the 5 lakes, Peyto Lake, Bow Lake, Maligne Lake , Annette Lake, Spray Lake, etc. Don't forget to visit some less frequented places including Badlands: Horseshoe Canyon, Hoodoos & Drumheller.


Ontario is big. So big that you don't always know where to go and what to visit! Although the whole territory is beautiful, I fell in love with the Bruce Peninsula and the surrounding area (not to mention the Thousand Islands who will be on your way). Whether for the vibes from the city of Toronto, for large spaces such as Sandbanks Provincial Park or the cliffs of Lion's Head, the landscapes are sublime. There is a lot to see and do: the small village and the beach of sandbeach (where time seems to have stopped), Greig's Caves (a series of caves to visit in the southeast of the province), the badlands which have an orange tone, the Bruce Peninsula National Park, etc. I went there only once for a period of 2 weeks but I intend to go back since the Peninsula is really very big and I did not manage to cover all the territory I wanted (ex: the tip of the Peninsula which happens to be Tobermory). It's a part of Canada that deserves to be known.


Visit the Maritime Provinces of Canada

The Maritimes are located in the east of Canada and they are so beautiful to visit. With their landscapes in minimalist tones and their small lighthouses located at the ends of several plots of land, they are literally a haven of peace for locals and many tourists. Whether it's New Brunswick, Gaspésie, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, the Magdalen Islands or Newfoundland, these maritime corners are worth the detour, especially for those who love the outdoors and wide open spaces that smell of sea air. Several parks are a delight for photographers, backpackers and nature lovers like Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) which is part of the Fundy Biosphere Reserve. In Nova Scotia, it is rather the national park of Cape Breton Highlands that makes you dream! In Prince Edward Island, the National Park runs along 60 kilometers of the north coast of the island and greenwich dunes are prestigious. If you are passing through, do not hesitate to explore the Gros Morne National Park.


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