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A destination that will appeal to lovers of the outdoors and outdoor photography. Whether in the Austrian Alps or in its small mountain villages, natural beauty is omnipresent. A sure hit!




This land where I was born, it is still young and fragile. Canada is synonymous with wide open spaces and welcoming people. Whether in the Canadian Rockies, in the prairies located in the center of the country or in the Maritimes (to the east), everyone finds their little happiness there.




Spain is an essential country in Europe to travel to. Unique landscapes, warm people, a vibrant culture and delicious food will be there. With a semi-exotic atmosphere, you quickly understand why Spain is popular.



A land with a very present mythology that dazzles all passengers who set foot there, that's how I would describe Greece. The Cyclades are pure splendor and falling in love with the little hillside houses is almost instantaneous. A must!


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