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On a geographical map, we can locate this country in the shape of a boot in the north of the Mediterranean Sea. In films, the country is often caricatured by the fashion and the important dress appearance, the great food and the gestural expression very present in native individuals. In truth, it is much more than that! Small villages in remote areas like Cinque Terre or the dolomites   (the most impressive mountain range in the country) attract the eyes of spectators. The food is indeed a joy for the taste buds and above all, the tables are surrounded by locals who demonstrate a beautiful human warmth. Whether it's for a roadtrip on the road to the lagos in the north of the country, to admire the sunset at the top of the city of Florence  or to walk through the crowds in the heart of the irresistible Venice , you will be charmed by this fabulous European destination.


Cinque Terre is made up of five villages which are located in northern Italy: Monterosso, Vernazza , Corniglia , Manarola and  Riomaggiore . They are all located on the mountainside and the small houses clash with the surrounding nature since they are colored in red, beige, brown, orange, pale green and pastel pink. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Cinque Terre is a unique place, where each village gives way to the Mediterranean climate. The coastline, worked by the sea, is home to hundreds of small coves and the water is turquoise in some places. For those who like to hike, there are trails around the villages (higher up) which will allow you to have breathtaking views! On the mountains, the locals maintain fields of vines that run along long dry stone walls. It's easy to get there by renting a car or you can also take the train. I advise you to stay at least three days to visit all the villages!


Popular with photographers, this is a summer tourist spot. Located completely in the north of the country, the lake happens to be at the foot of the rock face of the Croda del Becco (2,810 m), in the province of Bolzano . I fell in love with this site but if you want to avoid the crowds, you have to get up early in the morning to go to the site (4:30 a.m. for photographers and around 6:00 a.m. for all people who want to tranquility). A path has been laid out around the lake to contemplate its entirety. The bravest will try a swim in the rather cold waters on one of the only ''beaches'' there. The lake reaches a maximum depth of 36 meters. There are a few small shops on site where it is possible to buy drinks and snacks. This is a destination for the whole family. I really loved the place and highly recommend it! For those who have time, try visiting the famous Lagos road . It is not the only alpine lake that exists in this region.



3. Venice

Before going to this destination, I knew almost nothing about Venice except that it was very touristy. Once there, I learned so many things, including the problems that mass tourism creates every year. The large cruise ships, which dock at the port every day, make sure to destroy the infrastructures and weaken the little nature that remains in the surroundings, including marine life. You will therefore understand why I hesitated for a long time before setting foot in Venice and indicating this destination among my favorites since I do not want to encourage mass tourism and the consequences that follow. However, I think that the State and the people responsible for tourism in Venice must try to work together in order to pass stricter laws to better structure mass tourism without having too much economic loss (tourism is the industry that makes the Italians live in Venice). All in all, this place is a candy for the eyes and a little paradise for the ears since cars cannot drive there. The gondolas are beautiful, the food is excellent and the people are friendly. Venice is just another universe!


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