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Portugal has it all! Whether you are a foodie, a lover of the outdoors or beautiful beaches, a wine/port lover, a historian at heart or even a photographer, you will like it. If you go north, you will find beautiful mountains and the National Park of Portugal . In the center is the capital: Lisbon . Colorful and full of life, it attracts tourists from all over the world. To the south, you will find seaside resorts and beautiful beaches! Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to venture there yet, but if you are a fan of islands during your adventures, then you have to explore the Madeira archipelago and the Azores islands . They were highly recommended to me and the landscapes seem to be among the most beautiful in Portugal, according to my sources. For girls going alone for the first time backpacking and heading to Europe, Portugal is a great option since this country is safe and beautiful.


Classified as a Cultural Heritage of Humanity, this city has kept all its splendor despite the years. Medieval castles, botanical gardens and secret passages, small farmhouses in the heart of an old forest, small villas and houses at the edge of stone streets, etc. It's a bit like time was frozen, like nothing had really changed. Sintra has around 33,000 inhabitants. I recommend spending at least 3 days there if you want to have time to visit most of the palaces and other tourist attractions because there is a lot to see! Personally, I loved Pena National Palace . It is the most colorful castle in the world and the one that brings together, from an architectural point of view, the most combined styles: romantic style, Manueline (specific to Portugal), touches of Baroque and Gothic as well as Moorish influences. To take your photos without people, show up at the entrance one hour before opening and as soon as you find yourself on the site, focus on the outdoor terraces. You will be able to take your photos first and explore the interior afterwards for all the historical aspect of the visit.


Direction: Cabo da Roca . It will take about 45 minutes of hiking up a steep dirt road to reach Ursa Beach, which is simply one of the most beautiful spots in Portugal. If you are afraid of heights, I advise you not to go alone. The view is breathtaking and the effort is really worth it! Located in the district of Sintra , it is the westernmost point in Europe and the least frequented beach in Portugal. I unfortunately did not stay there long but if I could come back, I would spend the day there. If you plan to go there, be sure to have good hiking shoes, sunscreen, water and a picnic because you will surely want to admire the sunset there! For people who are allergic to bees, be careful! I only crossed several each time I stopped for a couple of minutes to take a few pictures during the trip.


3. Porto

Several people were telling me about visiting Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. Porto was the first city I visited in Portugal and it is also the place where my plane landed. I seriously think it's one of my favorite cities in Europe, I really fell in love with this destination! It speaks a lot in itself when I express myself like this because those who know me know very well that I am more of a follower of nature rather than cities! Everything is pleasant in Porto: the architecture, the shops, the restaurants, the small cafes and bakeries (try the pasteis de nata ), the historical monuments ( the central station is beautiful), the people who are so nice, the old boats on the Douro, the wine and port tastings, the cable car that gives access to a view from above, etc. The best thing is that it is really useless to rent a car because everything is done on foot and it is easy to find your way around thanks to the monuments which are more imposing than the others in the landscape. Youth hostels are also affordable compared to many other countries and cities in Europe. Anyway, I just have one thing to say to you: GO!


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